Winner’s stories.
“The Start-Up Innovation Camp was not only a great opportunity to meet the stalwarts of the tourism sector, but also helped us to scale our business.”
Global Himalayan Expedition, winner Impact Category 2017

Attending the Camp in 2017 was GHE’s first exposure to the world of tourism, as the startup has always considered themselves as an energy enterprise, rather than a tourism one. Post engagement with WTFL, GHE has been recognized at various other international forums, such as winning the Tourism for Tomorrow Award of WTTC in 2018 and the World Travel Awards at WTM in 2018, London. The startup is now expanding into 2 more countries in Asia and increased their impact expeditions 3-fold to electrify more remote villages of the Himalayas in 2019.

"WTFL was the jumpstart we needed!"
Good For Food, winner Impact Category 2018

Having received further validation from WTFL experts and mentors, Good For Food continued building upon the momentum they had participating in the Start-Up Innovation Camp 2018. Since emerging as winners of the Impact Category, Good For Food has seen a spike in client adoption, following positive media and press releases. WTFL mentor assigned to Good For Food was able to open the doors for the startup, which helped in the sales pipeline.

"We met many interesting people during the Start-Up Innovation Camp 2017. One of these people even invested in our company afterwards! Joining Start-Up Innovation Camp was definitely a great success."
Bidroom, winner Transaction Category 2017

Joining Start-Up Innovation Camp was definitely a great success." With WTFL’s support and network, bidroom has grown into a world known online booking platform. In as little as two years since winning the Start-Up Innovation Camp, bidroom secured investment from the billionaire Samih Sawiris, founder of the Orascom Development Group, was announced as the Best Travel Startup in the Netherlands, has grown to over 50 employees and closed partnerships with established international companies, such as Visa.

"WTFL's Start-Up Innovation Camp was taking us to the next level, it was an unforgettable experience."
Wingly, winner Mobility Category 2018

Since winning the award, Wingly did not only double in team size, but also launched its new product version to continue its international expansion and growth in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. WTFL network was a great asset to Wingly, opening many doors and creating a lot of valuable new knowledge.

"The Start-Up Innovation Camp connected us with great coaches, gave us a lot of new ideas and a lot of positive exposure at an early stage."
RoomPriceGenie, winner Swiss Start-Up Innovation Camp 2018 and Start-Up Innovation Camp 2019

We did not really know what to expect when we signed up for the Camp in 2018. What we got was: First, a great camp with top coaches who gave us new ideas and inspiration. Second, an award that gave us a lot of publicity and validation as a company to the outside world. Third, membership of a positive and forward looking network, that it is really a pleasure to be part of. Martin and his team have great vision and a positive can-do attitude and it is great to be part of the WTFL community!

“This gave us tremendous insights and networking opportunities. It was truly a valuable and exceptional experience for us.”
Igloohome, winner Hospitality Category 2018

Winning the Start-Up Innovation Award in Hospitality Category has given Igloohome the recognition and visibility as a global brand. Since then, Igloohome has expanded their smart access solutions to beyond the hospitality sector and is on track to grow 4 times year on year.

"The Camp helped WeWent get more visibility in the MICE Industry, got us connected to interested investors, as well as brought us valuable connections – some of them becoming our sounding board and partners!"
WeWent, finalist Swiss Start-Up Innovation Camp 2018

Attending the Camp in 2018 was the first time exposure to the tourism industry, as we always focused on the HR/Employee Engagement. Since the Camp, we expanded to a new market - United Kingdom and started a new study with University of Applied Sciences HR Professor who we met at the Camp.
We attended many different events but the Swiss Start-Up Innovation Camp was one of the best we have seen in Switzerland. The combination of pitching, mentoring, feedback and stressless networking. Highly recommended!

“The Start-Up Innovation Camp was a great opportunity to meet and exchange exciting ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders! One of them even joined us as COO and another two as members of our Advisory Board, and we made many useful and interesting contacts. It definitely put us on the map of innovative travel tech startups to watch.”
The Trip Boutique, winner Swiss Start-Up Innovation Camp 2018

Joining the Start-Up Innovation Camp in 2018 was a very important step in establishing credibility in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries. With WTFL’s support and network, The Trip Boutique was able to set the stage for the next phase of its development, by getting exposure to potential investors and business partners and exploring collaborations with important industry players.